10 simple rules for having happy, fulfilling relationships

  1. Create a vivid vision of your desired relationships blueprint. Believe in it.
  2. Know your deal breakers. Get super clear on what aspects of a relationship are non-negotiable to you and stick to it.
  3. We are better as a team. See your relationship as a team partnership. Always treat your life/business partner, friends, family, loved ones at least as nice as you would a stranger.
  4. Recognise that “in love” is not the same “true love”. Learn the difference and build on a healthy, sustainable relationship.
  5. Aware of your own patterns, triggers and limiting relationship beliefs so that you can make a conscious decision to change them.
  6. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness — release resentment towards others to free yourself from your prison. Forgive yourself and stop self-sabotaging.
  7. Be real: Try not to play a role simply because it’s what you’ve been taught. Think about what roles you may expect of others and why.
  8. Know that loving your partner/family/friends is a choice — love them the way they want to be loved.
  9. Embrace that these relationships are there to help you to learn, grow and heal.
  10. Bring your best self to your relationships by honouring yourself and taking time to work on YOU.

Assess your own Relationships Blueprint.