Happy National Matchmaker Day!

Happy Matchmakers Day to all the Love Connectors out there!

In honour of the National Matchmaker day, here’s a love story between a French man and a Chinese woman. Started from London, U.K to Beijing, China.

Two friends have met at my party in November 2011, they found a connection right away and went on their first date in the next day. They both know that in two days time she would be leaving London to return home to China to be with her family. The CONNECTION that they shared was so STRONG. And so, they started a long distance relationship. A few months into the relationship he has a new job opportunity to NYC, or a job promotion in London. But staying true to his soul, knowing what he wants and needed, he took a leap of faith, moved to China to be with her. 7 years later, they are raising a beautiful son, have a thriving restaurant business. He has gone on to become a celebrity chef on television.

I was inspired by their courage and subsequently started my journey to help people to get great relationships in their life.

Real love is a CHOICE.

Most people treat love as something happens to them, or something they “are in.” But love – good, healthy, mature love – is not being or feeling.

Real love is a decision. It’s deliberate. It’s choosing and committing. It’s doing. Trust. You make deliberate decisions on what to do, based on what you want.

And you choose who to love just as consciously.

Happy Matchmakers Day to all the Love Connectors out there!

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